Premium Tea Infuser

  • Premium Tea Infuser

Nature's Divine Tool

• Efficient Design: In order to ensure "the perfect steep" we've designed a larger and more efficient tea infuser. The common smaller tea strainers don't leave enough room for the leaves to fully expand while steeping. Ours ensures full leaf expansion creating the perfect delicious cup of tea with all its nutrients.

• Multi Use: Thanks to its elegant "fine mesh" it may steep every kind of loose tea. Helping catch not only the larger leaves and herbs but also finer tea particles - For a pleasant and smooth tea time experience.

• Durable: Made of premium 304 stainless steel armed with built-in corrosion resistance - Built to last!

• Perfect Gift: Essential for all tea lovers, our infuser will make an excellent gift. For friends, family and loved ones who appreciate a delicious cup of tea with premium loose tea.


Pull the clasp outward and open the tea ball infuser. Add your favorite loose tea and properly shut the clasp. Cover the tea infuser fully in hot water and steep for several minutes (depending on your tea). After steeping remove tea infuser and enjoy your yummy tea. You may re-steep your leaves up to 1 - 3 times (depending on your tea).

*For longevity and rust prevention please rinse well and dry thoroughly after each use before storying.*

Product details:
Made of premium 304 stainless steel - 3 by 3 inches in size - Weighs 0.73 oz/20.8 g - product of China.